SIB is a cost reduction consulting firm with a proven track record of saving money for companies in a variety of industries. Through expert analysis, SIB will discover if businesses are overpaying on their monthly bills. SIB has a 98% success rate when it comes to finding savings for their clients. Once savings are found and implemented, SIB shares in those savings with the client. The result is a win-win situation – no budgeting is needed, there are no up-front costs, and a fee is only due if savings are found. In other words, an SIB review always pays for itself. .


First Financial USA

Founded in 1996, FFUSA has made a tireless effort to establish themselves as leaders in merchant services and provide exceptional support to those who do business with us. FFUSA has over 70 years of combined sales experience from just our senior leadership team of dedicated experts.

Their national headquarters is based in Medina, MN, and has been named a top place to work for several years in a row.

They have helped tens of thousands of clients achieve better service and find cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs. They strive to be the most competitive company while finding ways to solve the most complex issues their clients face with innovative and practical solutions.


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